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The official LJ community for Finn/Sam

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Welcome to Finn/Sam!
The first and only Livejournal community for shipping Finn Hudson and Sam Evans from Glee and as well as the actors who portray them; Cory Montieth and Chord Overstreet.

Your mod is thedamaged

Disclaimer: We do not own any characters of Glee or make any money off of them. We have no affiliation with FOX Entertainment, Cory Montieth, Chord Overstreet or anyone else involved with Glee.


Please follow these simple rules.

1. This is a SLASH community for shipping Finn/Sam other pairings with other characters and such are fine in fanfic but please make sure that Finn and Sam are together in your fic and in more then one little part.

2. Put fanfic behind a cut! If a mod asks and you don't get to it we'll delete your post. Please use this setup for fanfic:

3. Large photos over 400px under a cut please!

4. All spoilers including photos for an upcoming episode MUST BE UNDER A CUT.

5. No wank or homophobia. Let's make this a nice fun community and make friends.
If you'd like to affiliate with finnsam let us know here.

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